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Let's Break It Down: Vitamin E

Let's Break It Down: Vitamin E


I am not a doctor (surprise)! I don't have a degree in the medical field, but I am a certified makeup artist, so I give advise based on what I learned in my experience.

Please do not take these ingredient breakdown posts as medical advice. I am simply here to explain to you what I know about my products and ingredients. I do my best to research all the topics we're talking about, but sometimes I'm wrong! Clock me (nicely).

If you have any allergic reactions to a product or have skin concerns, please speak to a licensed professional. Narcissus Beauty is not giving medical advise or instruction.

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Vitamin We, Vitamin He, Vitamin You, Vitamin Me!

If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know we talk candidly about our ingredients. That’s the whole point of this section of our blog! We love telling you what our ingredients do and why we picked them.

We're going to be talking about one of my favorite ingredients today! If you haven't guessed it by now, it's Vitamin E. Surprise!

It's been used in dermatology practices for about 50 years, so clearly we're doing something right here!

Vitamin E is found naturally in animal products like dairy, meat, fish, and poultry. We only need a fairly small amount of it in our systems to get a sufficient amount into our systems. Women need about 7mg of Vitamin E oil and men need about 10mg (sooo needy).

Before the vegans come after us, don't worry! Vitamin E oil is taken from plants, so don't worry - it's all okay! We can actually get some of the highest amounts of Vitamin E from things like nuts, spinach, whole grains, olive oil, and sunflower oil! 

But what does it do? How is this magic oil work?

A-tocopherol is the type of vitamin E that is found in human tissue and skincare. 

So, that vitamin slows the production of sunburn cell formulation and protect from UV radiation. This means it'll keep you fairly safe when it comes to being outside for extended periodss of time! Obviously, wear sunscreen still, but for an extra layer of protection, you can use vitamin e oil on your body, skin, and lips (wink wink). 

It's also been known to help treat yellowing nails, but talk to your doctor before doing anything drastic with that condition. In a topical sense, it can help with anti-aging. Most anti-aging creams have about 1% of vitamin E oil in it! It can help heal most scarring, too!

Why do we use it? 

Well, for all the reasons you just read! 

Our Ambrosia Lip Polishes actually contain quite a bit of vitamin E oil to stop the product from being sticky, but we also wanted to create a product that would protect, as well as be pretty. 

When you have a cut on your lips, pop on your Ambrosia Lip Polish. It will not only heal the scars on your lips, but it'll also hide the fine lines and make them look like they've never been dehydrated! 

When you're about to go out into the hot Cali sun, pop a little (or a lot) of Ambrosia Lip Polish on and notice that your lips aren't as hot as they would've been without our little layer of protection!

Now, go be beautiful friends and enjoy the benefits on Vitamin E in  your life!

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