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Mythologically Speaking: Anat

Mythologically Speaking: Anat

Before reading this, please consider checking out Operation Olive Branch to find ways to support families currently suffering in Gaza. At the end of this blog post are several donation links that we have compiled to support Gaza. These will include general donation links, food aid, and family aid. 

The point of our brand is to tell the stories of those who might not be heard. We want to amplify the voices of those who struggle to do so by themselves, no matter what the circumstances are. 

That being said, we want to give back. If you've seen our Pride video, then you know that we donate a portion of our funds to The Trevor Project. While we want to keep that donation going, we also know there are several other issues going on in the world. 

We're changing up how we do things. If you make a purchase of a Pride sticker, we will allow you the ability to choose where you donate to. When you place your order, send an email to with the subject line DONATION ORGANIZATION CHOICE. In the body of the email, just write your order number, the name of the organization, and a link to it (if possible). We're going to apply this option to any order made in on our website in June. We may extend it. 

Operation Olive Branch created a masterlist of families to either support via watching their social media videos or donate to, if you have the opportunity to. The care and well-being of those who are suffering and may not be able to help themselves should never be a political matter. 

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All's fair in love and war!

We're going to be talking a little bit about the Canaanite people and their mythologies. If you're unaware, the Canaanite people are the direct ancestors of the Palestinian people.

If you're like me and went to Catholic school or grew up studying the Bible, then you might recognize these people as the ones who inherited Jerusalem (and other parts of the Middle East) in the Old Testament before monotheism. 

The Canaan name comes from the Semitic word Kana'a. That means "to settle," which makes perfect sense, since the Canaanite people were one of the first ancient groups to settle in an area, instead of being nomadic and traveling around the continents! 

On top of being one of the first few groups to settle in an area, they were amazing tradespeople. They had decadent marketplaces and trading systems. Their profits remained internal, instead of going outwards with their funds. If a Canaanite family was wealthy, the wealth pretty much stayed associated within the internal family system.

Like many ancient civilizations, they had a set of a few gods that they believed in. One of the most prominent and amazing gods they worshiped was the goddess Anat (or Anath). 

You might recognize this name from Egyptian mythologies, as well. A lot of the Semitic faiths had overlapping gods and goddesses, so I like to imagine them as how the Romans used the Greek Gods. Not exactly the same, but close enough. 

Anat was considered one of the most revered and fiercest women of her time. She is the goddess of war, victory and love. What a mix! 

She's described as an independent, strong-willed woman who cut off the heads of serpents and enemies of Ba'al, her brother who was killed by another person. 

She is often depicted with a lily, which is her sexual appeal, in one hand and a serpent, which symbolized her fertility, in the other. On top of being a war goddess with massive sex appeal, she's also known for being a goddess of sacrifices. People claim that she's a symbol of letting things go that no longer serve you - old habits and bad environments or people. 

Back in 2022, a farmer in Gaza actually found a 4500 year old statue of Anat, dating back to the late Bronze Age. Though it was just the head of the immaculate piece of art, it is still an astonishing archeological find. It gives us more insight to the design and craftsmanship of the Canaanites, their worship style, and their culture. This is a massive achievement in understanding the first peoples to live in Gaza City. 

This piece of history was on display at the Pasha’s Palace Museum. The museum has been destroyed by bombs from the war. We have lost irreplaceable lives and pieces of history.

Free Palestine. 


(Some) Donation Links

  1. Amnesty International 
  2. Send Food to Gaza via Umma Relief
  3. Islamic Relief USA
  4. ANERA
  5. Catholic Relief Services 
  6. Palestine Children's Relief Fund
  7. HEAL Palestine
  8. Ahmed Family GoFundMe
  9. Hasan Ayyed's Family GoFundMe
  10. Ahmad Abuibaid Family's GoFundMe
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