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Mythologically Speaking: Mother's Day - SPECIAL EDITION

Mythologically Speaking: Mother's Day - SPECIAL EDITION


We do our best to research as much as we possibly can to write these posts. We're human, not gods - there may be mistakes. Please correct us nicely and we will change it. We do thorough research, but sometimes miss a detail. 

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If you want more Orisha talk, check out our feature in the For The Love Of History Podcast coming out on May 24th!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! To the birth moms, foster/adoptive moms, mamas part of the LGBTQ+ community, the ones who stepped in, the parents who had to be both mother and father, etc. we hope you have a beautiful day with those you love. If you don't have a great relationship with your maternal figure or have lost them, we hope you still have an amazing day and can spend time with whatever support system you have with you. We're always here to lend an ear. 

We appreciate all the mamas out there!

While celebrations of motherhood and mothers were celebrated throughout Ancient Times, did you know that the first Mother's Day as we know it in the US was actually held in 1907 in West Virginia? After Anna Jarvis' mother's death in 1905, she created a celebration to honor the sacrifices moms made for their children! President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure to ensure Mother's Day remained on the second Sunday of May in 1914. 

That's not why we're here, though. Great US history lesson. Not why we're here. 

We wanna talk about the Ancient and Mythological Mothers who slayed! I can't get into ALL of them, but if you want to do your own research, you can check out these articles here: 1 | 2 

We'll be doing our own extended posts about each deity in the near future!

We would be so wrong to not mention Gaia right off the bat! Mother Nature herself is the baddest of the bad! Without her, according to the Theogony, we wouldn't have the earth or the Greek Gods or Titans as we know them. She literally makes the world go 'round. 

In Norse Mythology we have Nine Mothers of Heimdallr. NINE. If you ever think your Mother's Day is complicated, imagine that guy! It's almost been compared to Heimdallr being born of the waves of the sea. When their parents found that they were with child by a god, they were angry. Their son would become the Guardian of Asgard, protecting those inside. 

The goddess Durga in Hindu mythologies is extremely complex. She is the faith's most popular deities, known to be the protector mother of all that is good and harmonious in the world! She is often depicted as having many arms while sitting next to a tiger, ready to defend. 

Demeter is a riveting favorite when we're talking about mothers in Greek mythology. We're all aware of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and how she searched the earth endlessly for her daughter Persephone. Call her a dedicated mother - she did what she had to do to find her child, even if that meant freezing the earth and taking care of another kid.

Last but not least, we celebrate Oya - from the Seven African Powers. A woman dressed in red with rainbow skirts, she is known to be the Mother of Nine, though none of her children lived. She is known to protect children and the graveyard, so say hello to her next time you visit a cemetery. 

Comment below who your favorite mother deities are!

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