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Let's Break It Down: Rosehip Oil

Let's Break It Down: Rosehip Oil


I am not a doctor (surprise)! I don't have a degree in the medical field, but I am a certified makeup artist, so I give advise based on what I learned in my experience.

Please do not take these ingredient breakdown posts as medical advice. I am simply here to explain to you what I know about my products and ingredients. I do my best to research all the topics we're talking about, but sometimes I'm wrong! Clock me (nicely).

If you have any allergic reactions to a product or have skin concerns, please speak to a licensed professional. Narcissus Beauty is not giving medical advise or instruction.

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know we talk candidly about our ingredients. That’s the whole point of this section of our blog! We love telling you what our ingredients do and why we picked them. Some of them sound fancier than others - like Rose Hip Oil!

What’s a Rose Hip?

“But Ashley…I’ve never heard of a Rose Hip. Roses don’t have hips. They’re flowers.” That’s what I said, but I learned about it and I think it’s quite cool, actually. 

So, Rose Hips are actually the fruit of roses on the bush! I didn’t know they could have fruit. They’re found underneath the flower’s petals. They come from dog roses, a special species of wild rose, and have this beautiful orangey color to it, like its oil.

They have a lot of amazing nutrients in the middle like Vitamins C, E and A! It also has a richness in fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6.

What Does the Oil Do?

Rose Hip Oil is an AMAZING thing to have in your skincare routine. Like I said, it’s extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamins, so it’s super helpful for the aging process. 

If you’ve seen my post on Instagram, you know that I’m very big on moisturizing when it comes to mature or aging skin (and in general, but specifically on that skin group). Add rose hip oil to your regimen! It’s not super heavy, but keeps your skin super hydrated. It can be absorbed into the skin and hair very easily. PATCH TEST IT ON YOUR SKIN FIRST IN CASE YOU HAVE A REACTION.

It can help stimulate collagen production and help with any fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re also feeling a bit inflamed, don’t worry! This oil also assists with inflammation because of vitamin E and anthocyanin (that’s the pigment that makes dark fruits and veggies…dark).

If you have oily skin, maybe stay away from it, though. 

What Does the Oil Do for My Lips?

So, imagine all those things that it does for your skin…on your lips! 

This is an amazing asset to your lips. It helps to plump up the wrinkles on the lips and make them look more full. 

Remember how I mentioned all those fatty acids and vitamins? Guess what? That makes the oil a sunburn protectant and can help with discoloration! It also assists with dry, cracked lips (our specialty to heal)! 

So, next time you’re thinking of picking up an Ambrosia Lip Polish, but are worried about the flakiness of your lips, just know the Rose Hip Oil’s got you covered.

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