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Let's Break It Down: Avocado Oil

Let's Break It Down: Avocado Oil


I am not a doctor (surprise)! I don't have a degree in the medical field, but I am a certified makeup artist, so I give advise based on what I learned in my experience.
Please do not take these ingredient breakdown posts as medical advice. I am simply here to explain to you what I know about my products and ingredients. I do my best to research all the topics we're talking about, but sometimes I'm wrong! Clock me (nicely).
If you have any allergic reactions to a product or have skin concerns, please speak to a licensed professional. Narcissus Beauty is not giving medical advise or instruction.

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Weeeeeeeeelcome back to another episode of Let's Break It Down with your host...the disembodied words of Ashley Marie. If you've noticed we've been a little bit quiet on the blog and on socials - I'm going to be honest, my brain is a little Funky right now. I'm trying my best. I've always been very open about how I'm feeling, but I wanted to make that clear. We're not abandoning anything in this business. We're just working on a bunch of things at once to get us off the ground and get to the next level. 

Enough of the yapping. You came to learn about California's favorite $2 extra fee fruit!

Yes. Avocado is a fruit.

If you've been seeing the "ancient beauty tips" on your For You Page (before TikTok gets banned), think about this one being one of those. 

Historians have confirmed that avocado oil was used by the ancient Aztecs for skincare. So, they were not only consuming this fruit in their meals, but they didn't waste an ounce. They used it to shield the skin from the heat of the sun and intensity of the dry winds in their area. The oil was used as a soothing agent for the skin.

Now that we're about 2,000 years more advanced in science and technology, we have a better understanding of the benefits of the avocado oil beyond just making skin soft. Because of its extremely soothing nature, this oil is amazing for psoriasis treatment and can help with irritation from eczema flare ups. It's got a high level of fat content and antioxidants, so it can also help to plump up skin and eliminate wrinkles. Its full of lipids, so it can help with inflammation in the skin!

It's amazing at fighting oxidative stress, which leads to skin aging. It can also help to allow the skin to produce more collagen! As we get older, specifically after the age of 25, our skin slows down the production of collagen, so the more that we can encourage the skin to produce that collagen, the better we'll look! (We're going to talk more about collagen production in another episode). 

Like I said, this avocado oil has amazing antioxidants in it. With Vitamins C and E, this oil can protect from UV rays, allowing the area you've placed the oil on to be protected from tough sun rays. Now, this doesn't replace sunscreen. Keep your sunscreen PLEASE, but this is a great way to protect your skin some more. 

So, imagine what this can do in your Ambrosia Lip Polishes on your lips! It can help to enhance your lips in plumpness. It's not going to have the burn of a chili oil, but it will hydrate your lips. By hydrating your lips, you're going to allow for a fuller look. It will also help to peel off any dry skin and heal the wounds you may have on your lips. If you have scarring, you can use an Ambrosia Lip Polish to fix that up! 

The avocado oil helps to keep everything smooth and clear in our Ambrosia Lip Polishes!

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