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Let's Break It Down: Cayenne Pepper Oil

Let's Break It Down: Cayenne Pepper Oil


I am not a doctor (surprise)! I don't have a degree in the medical field, but I am a certified makeup artist, so I give advise based on what I learned in my experience.

Please do not take these ingredient breakdown posts as medical advice. I am simply here to explain to you what I know about my products and ingredients. I do my best to research all the topics we're talking about, but sometimes I'm wrong! Clock me (nicely).

If you have any allergic reactions to a product or have skin concerns, please speak to a licensed professional. Narcissus Beauty is not giving medical advise or instruction.

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If you thought the TikTok NPC Live Streamers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were the only people appreciating the spice of a cayenne pepper, you'd be dead wrong!

I worked at Sephora for a year and they make you take these educational programs on certain ingredients and products. Lo and behold, I find out that more brands than you would think are using something called Capsicum annuum. In their products. 

And we know a lot of makeup ingredients have a bunch of scary names, so I was like, "Oh, good. Another processed chemical."

Nay nay!

After learning a little more, I found out that Capsicum annuum is actually a special science-y name for Cayenne Peppers! 

That's right! A lot of your favorite brands, including us, are using Cayenne Pepper oils in their products. 

But, like...what does it do? I can't just eat it. 

Well, think of it this way: when you eat something spicy, what happens to your lips and the inside of your mouth?

Your lips tend to tingle and get puffy, right? Inside your mouth, you produce more saliva and it feels a bit more swollen. You have more blood rushing to that part of your body right now. 

And BAM! You have a natural lip plumper right there. 

Cayenne pepper oils are used in some of your favorite lip plumpers to ensure that your lips stay full and juicy for the whole day! So, the same concept of rushing all that blood up to your lips is used in those lip glosses. It helps that it's natural, too! 

Plumping power isn't something used just for lips' sake, though. Wrinkles set in from a lack of collagen in the skin, so there's less plump. If Capsicuum annuum is used safely and avoiding the eye area, it can be used to plump skin in moisturizers, hiding fine lines and wrinkles temporarily because of the blood rush. It has high vitamin A and beta-carotene to really encourage anti-aging. 

We use this in our Ambrosia Lip Polish INTENSE line, so you can get the best plump out of your product! It helps to assist the other line hiding ingredients we have in our glosses. 

Please do not use this product if you have an allergy to peppers. It's...obviously peppers. That's no bueno. Always do a patch test before using any of our products in case of any allergies and talk to your doctor about any symptoms or irritation that come from this product. 


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