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Mythologically Speaking: Ambrosia

Mythologically Speaking: Ambrosia


We do our best to research as much as we possibly can to write these posts. We're human, not gods - there may be mistakes. Please correct us nicely and we will change it. We do thorough research, but sometimes miss a detail. 

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Ambrosia - It's a word that's been thrown into literature from Old Times to now. What is it, though?

If you've heard it before then you know that it's something enchanted that gods can eat - like holy food. You would be sort of correct, but not quite on the mark. 

There's Ambrosia and there's Nectar. Though sometimes used interchangeably (which we did when naming our product), Ambrosia is actually the food of the gods and Nectar is the drink of the gods. We don't know too much about how it comes to be, but some stories will say that these nourishments come from morning dove deliveries. 

I want my packages delivered by doves. 

Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera, would serve the gods Ambrosia. Eventually the Trojan prince Ganymede served it to them. Anna Pitt is painted as Hebe in our featured image by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun on oil canvas. 

It was said that this Ambrosia would make these gods into a more powerful force called Ichor. If they did not consume the Ambrosia and Nectar daily, they would lose their life force. It's rumored that this may have happened to Demeter on her hunt for Persephone, but not confirmed. 

It could also grant immortality to those were gifted it from the gods - not always, but a good majority of the time. If you remember Achilles - you know, the one with the heel? His mom Thetis tried to make him an immortal, but never got to finish the deed because her husband was a weenie. Joke's on him because now he's got bad heels. 

It's a restorative, as well. It helped heal wounds if the gods were to consume it and some gods did give it to mortals, sparingly, to restore them. If they weren't using them as restoratives, then they were using them as anointing tools for the deceased. 

If you've gotten this far and have any plans of stealing this meal from the gods, go right ahead and change your mind, my dear. Unless you plan on having your eternal soul in Tartarus, that is. 

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