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Mythologically Speaking: Oshun

Mythologically Speaking: Oshun


We do our best to research as much as we possibly can to write these posts. We're human, not gods - there may be mistakes. Please correct us nicely and we will change it. We do thorough research, but sometimes miss a detail. 

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If you want more Orisha talk, check out my feature in the For The Love Of History Podcast coming out on May 3rd!

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The Orishas are a very special topic to me. My father used to work with the Orishas, so talking about them and educating people to the best of my ability makes me feel so good. Not only does it help me learn about these deities for my own practice, but it allows me to feel connected to him, even after his passing.

Oshun is considered to be the most powerful of the 17 Orishas. She is the goddess of femininity, fertility, beauty and love. While Yemaya is closely associated with oceans and salt water, Oshun is associated with "sweet" water - rivers, lakes, any still, not salted waters. 

Like many other gods, she is plagued with human emotions that get her in trouble. Oshun specifically struggles with jealousy, vanity and spite - but who wouldn't when you look so good? 

Usually she's seen adorned in gold from head to toe - gold jewelry, gold fabrics, gold skirts. She also wears a crown of five spears, representing her sharp edges. 

If you're interested in giving her offerings, consider things like coconut, citrus like lemons and oranges, yams, squash, yellow flowers, and even honey. 

YOU HAVE TO TASTE THE HONEY BEFORE YOU OFFER IT TO HER! She was lowkey almost poisoned with honey, so taste it before you put it in her dish, ok? And don't give her yams or squash if you're trying to get pregnant. 

Please, please use your discernment when learning about the Orishas. These stories were told verbally throughout many generations, so things may get mixed and confused. A lot of the worship is closed practice, so please do research (beyond this blog post) on them. 

Stay tuned for more Oshun stories from us. 

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